We know asset protection is a very personal business.

Our approach

Before we act, we listen. New Zealand Foreign Trustee Services does whatever it takes to understand the individual circumstances of our client, wherever they are in the world.  

We are a dedicated team of professionals who’s exacting standards and commitment to our clients across the world ensures their attention to every detail and exceptional customer experiences.

Our business is built on a foundation of lasting relationships with individuals, families and business clients – often these relationships can span generations. We want our relationships with our clients to work both ways, we focus on helping our clients and families and assist in determining their trust’s direction and structure.

The advice we give is built on years of industry experience. It’s real-time, impartial, confidential and engineered to be successful – to create a legally compliant and enduring trust structure, which delivers the outcome our client, seeks.

Our approach to establishing a New Zealand foreign trust is generally as follows;

  • Firstly, the client provides us with instructions in an official fact find or KYC document. This document has been specifically developed to comply with New Zealand’s anti money laundering legislation and CRS (Common Reporting Standards).
  • Once we have approved the establishment of this trust, a Trust Deed is drafted and provided to your advisors for approval. The trust deed specifies whom the settlor, beneficiaries, appointor/protector and trustee are.
  • The trust deed also provides the trustees with a full range of administrative powers, to act on behalf of those establishing the trust. This allows the trustee to undertake virtually any action an individual could do with prior written consent of the appointor/protector.
  • We prefer and can arrange for your financial information to be prepared in New Zealand, to New Zealand standards, and therefore also to a standard which complies with US tax regimes. We register your information for you with the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD)
  • The development of this type of robust trust ensures the trustees acts in the best interests of the client at all times.

If you want compliant, impartial and independent New Zealand Foreign Trustee Services, phone Jonathan Cron on +64 27 432 0875 or email us.

“We know that asset protection is a very personal business.  We work hard to understand our clients and what they want to achieve with a trust to make sure they achieve their goal.”


Your privacy and our security procedures uphold our reputation


Trusts can help consolidate widely dispersed assets.


Trusts can significantly mitigate complexities for international estates.

Asset Protection
Asset Protection

Trusts help keep your private and family assets safe from business risk and other attacks.

Succession Planning
Succession Planning

Trusts enable you to pass family wealth smoothly from one generation to the next.

Our commitment

“Our business is built on a foundation of lasting relationships with individuals, families and business clients – often these relationships can span generations.”

– Jonathan & Penny Cron

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