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Before we act, we listen. New Zealand Family Trust Services does whatever it takes to understand the individual circumstances of our client, there is no ‘one size’ fits all approach, and we look to mold the Trust to the client’s personal circumstances.

We are a dedicated team of professionals with an existing network of partners, whose exacting standards and commitment to our clients ensures attention to every detail and exceptional customer experiences.


Jonathan & Penny Cron, New Zealand Family Trust Services

Jonathan Cron – Director


Jonathan Cron is the Director of New Zealand Family Trust Services (NZFTS) and past President of the New Zealand Trustee Association and has been a well-regarded figure in New Zealand’s Trustee and Family Trust industry for over 20 years. NZFTS is a privately owned business with independent specialists in the formation and administration of Trusts for New Zealanders.

Jonathan’s ability to create innovative Trust structures is drawn from his extensive experience and qualifications. His credentials include an M.B.A, a Graduate  Diploma in  Management and, a Graduate Certificate in Management. Jonathan is also a Member and Associate of the Executor and Trustee Institute (Australia) as well as Honorary Life Member and Fellowship of New Zealand Trustees Association (NZTA).

Email: jonathan.cron@nzfts.com
 +64 27 432 0875
LinkedIn: Jonathan Cron

Penny Cron – Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Penny Cron takes control of Trust compliance.

Through timely liaison with advisors and institutions, Penny ensures the continued legal compliance (and therefore the ongoing financial effectiveness) of a Trust by managing critical records and their various reporting. Penny’s attention to detail combined with her ability to comprehend the big picture goal for clients, results in crucial advice, which is fundamental to establishing an enduring Trust structure.

The advice we give is built on years of industry experience. It’s real time, impartial, and engineered to be successful – to create a legally compliant and enduring Trust structure, which delivers the outcome our client, seeks.

Email: penny.cron@nzfts.com
+64 27 295 5760
LinkedIn: Penny Cron

“New Zealand Family Trust Services will assist both you and your family in securing your assets.”

– Jonathan Cron

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