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Transparency and Due diligence 

Taking on the responsibility of ensuring Trusts in New Zealand are Purposeful, Robust and Compliant for both New Zealand Families and their Professional Advisers.

Independent and Impartial

New Zealand Family Trust Services (NZFTS) offer you the knowledge and integrity to create personalised Trust structures for legitimate asset protection.

Compliance is at the core of our ethos, therefore our ability to review existing Trust structures and provide personalised advice to assist you in moving forward is paramount to us.

We are proudly privately owned – we offer trustee services only. We value our independence and what it means for you, our valued client. We are not aligned to any financial institution and do not accept commissions or brokerages.

We are impartial, and this leaves us free to work purely for the benefit of our clients, it also allows us to work seamlessly with our clients Professional Advisers.

If your Professional Adviser is looking to exit as your Professional Trustee, please refer to the FamilySecure section of this website, which outlines our requirements if we were to fulfil this position and take on the active management of your Trust.

Lasting Relationships

Asset protection is a very personal business and New Zealand Family Trust Services develops business on a foundation of lasting relationships with individuals, families and business clients. Often these relationships can span generations.

We want our relationships with our clients to work both ways, we focus on helping our clients and families and have a real part in determining their Trust’s direction and structure. This is where our Family Office service can provide real solutions and assist with the sharing of information with Discretionary Beneficiaries.

Empower and Educate

Our mission is simple. We aim to educate clients about how to protect and preserve their assets. It is a mission built on a desire to cement our business relationships with integrity and knowledge.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the decision to form and run a Trust.

We walk you through the decisions and work with you to see your wishes fulfilled.

All the information our clients need throughout the Trust’s life is provided in a timely, cost effective manner in easy to follow language, backed with advice from our expert team.

Why Choose New Zealand Family Trust Services?

New Zealand Trusts are going through uncertainty. Many Trusts that were established were created to minimise tax or to prevent assets being liquidated to fund retirement care such as rest home fees etc.

So rather than looking to what you previously set out to achieve, let’s refocus and look at the present.

These are things you should consider in the present:

  • Has the value of your Trusts assets increased dramatically where the fears around retirement care are no longer a concern?
  • If the value has increased, if so there is more to protect for you and your family!
  • Are you now part of New Zealand’s new norm, the ‘blended family’?
  • Are you concerned about possible future relationships occurring once you have passed?
  • Are you in business, or about to enter a new venture?
  • Is there a need to put in place protection for the inheritance your children will receive?
  • Are you single with asset’s you wish to keep separate?
  • Are you recently single and wish to protect your assets for the future?

Download our FamilySecure and ProfessionalSecure brochures

FamilySecure Brochure
ProfessionalSecure Brochure - Advisers Guide to Family Trusts in New Zealand

“Taking on the responsibility of ensuring Trusts in New Zealand are Purposeful, Robust and Compliant for both New Zealand Families and their Professional Advisers is our sole focus at New Zealand Family Trust Services.”

– Jonathan Cron

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